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A Workspace Created with Passion and Purpose

You know when you are speaking with someone about something they are passionate about. Their face lights up, their posture changes and any topic enthusiastically articulated becomes interesting. Having retrained for my second career, I’m an advocate for spending our time doing what we LOVE, not just what we like.

Imagine my pleasure then, in working for two purpose-led businesses who help others to ‘love what they do and do what they love’. My latest commercial interior design project is a collaboration with ground-breaking HR specialist Humankind and sister company Kin.

The 350sqm space is a beautiful, light-filled blank canvas and we are firing on all cylinders to get their new home up and running for the start of 2019.

Samantha Gadd, Humankind Managing Director and Director of Kin, is passionate about designing great employee experiences for her clients which lead to great customer/client experiences and better business outcomes. Now, having outgrown their current offices, Sam wants to create an extraordinary working environment for her own teams. And of course, I wholeheartedly agree that how a space looks, functions and feels can impact a person’s performance.

I first met Samantha a few years ago when we were both in the early stages of launching our businesses. We’ve supported each other along the way, sharing ideas and dealing with the challenges of being self-employed; both of us determined to create a business with a purpose, doing something we love. Sam was interested in my work for one of her client’s, Radium, a recent commercial interior design project which supported the company’s cultural change initiatives, improved team experience and delivery of a new business programme. This led to us brainstorming ideas for her new workspace – and here we are, finally working together on a project!

I’m honoured that Sam trusts in me to help her in the next phase of her (already successful) business journey. To deliver a workspace that will provide not only an extraordinary employee experience for her teams but which will also enable them to create great experiences for their clients and business growth for them all.

Sam is an absolute dynamo and it’s been a whirlwind few weeks! She has an exceptional team and all my meetings and collaboration sessions with Humankind and Kin have filled me with energy. Inspired and energised by Sam’s vision for her business and her commitment to her employees and clients, I can’t wait to show you the finished results in the next issue of the newsletter.

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Employee experience is essentially about creating an environment for the employees to thrive, so they become more engaged, motivated and productive which in turns means improved business performance. It goes beyond standard HR practices – and includes the physical environment employees are working in.

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