Rātā Cafe Furniture Upgrade

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The current Rātā Cafe furniture was more than ready for a facelift, with a real need to look fresher and function better. Due to the popularity of Wellington’s much loved eco-sanctuary, the cafe was operating on the brink of capacity prior to Covid-19. As a result, a key requirement was to increase the number of people who could be seated by better arranging the space and introducing a smarter furniture layout.  

The brief was not targeted at packing as many people into the space as possible, but instead increasing the occupancy through more comfortable and interesting furniture solutions. Bringing variation to the space was also important, such as breaking up the 4-seater tables and chairs with higher or longer pieces of furniture. Flexibility to be able to shift the furniture and rearrange for larger events and functions was also key. 

The general look and feel needed to be considered by emphasising Zealandia’s organic, natural and sustainable identity. Furniture colours and materials should be reflective and complementary of the strong natural surroundings and impressive backdrop. 

Other practical necessities were: 

  • New stackable chairs without over splayed legs to avoid trip hazards. 
  • New durable and wipeable tables. 
  • High bar leaner and bar stools. 


Rātā Cafe Manager Says:

Honour Creative are the perfect company to chose when considering new furniture for your business. We are so happy with how fresh and new Rātā Café looks now! They are a very friendly and helpful team that have excelled in providing our café with great quality tables and chairs, that will last for many years. We have had dozens of compliments from customers around the new furniture and cannot fault anything. Great company! Great people! Great products!


Honour Creative Says:

Small changes are big changes. 

Although this project may not be as extensive as a typical interior renovation, it’s a great example of how a simple upgrade to tables and chairs can still make a worthwhile difference. 

A revived and contemporary energy now resonates in Rātā . The light timber table tops and neutral chairs pair so nicely with the striking native greenery through the windows. 

The bar leaner, long tables and banquette seating, supports the relaxed and casual approach to modern-day cafe dining. These different types of table arrangements can accommodate various group numbers and bring greater flexibility to the space. 

Stepping into Rātā now feels like more than furniture; a light-filled, happy place for visitors to enjoy.


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Sarsfield Brooke



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