The Jackson Street Project

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The Hutt City Council has backed a makeover of four buildings on Jackson Street, Petone as a trial to show what can be achieved by “smartening up the facades, removing inappropriate features and rebuilding heritage features.”

The objective is to highlight the character of Jackson Street’s buildings and that requires being bold and courageous in colour choices. Our challenge was to develop a colour palette to “inspire”; to not restrict the building owners, but to create a range of colours that opens their eyes to options and facilitates sympathetic, interesting and tasteful colour-combinations that blend contemporary and traditional, whilst honouring the heritage architecture.

Developing a Heritage Inspired, Contemporary Colour Palette

Using Resene’s Heritage Colour palette as a starting point we added colours from other palettes that are more common in current colour usage. Not only have trends changed but so has technology and we have pigments available to us now that we did not previously. Following a process of reviewing trends, adding colours, subtracting, grouping and subtracting some more, we created a workable palette of 60, grouped in mini ‘hue-sets’ of different shades and tones.

It’s not just colour selection that’s important, it is how they are allocated to the building. The hue-sets that represent colours across the spectrum are teamed with neutrals and brighter, feature highlight colours and are presented in a way that assists colour selection and allocation. Collectively they can be mixed and matched to a huge range of interesting and complimentary overall colour schemes for different buildings.

I was utterly in my happy place working with colour in such a pure way and I’m so looking forward to seeing our work in action when painting of the four trial buildings is complete. Watch this space.

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