Feature walls interior design

Feature Walls – yes or no?

I’m generally more one for ‘if you’re going to do it, do it wholeheartedly’ and I have disturbing visual memories of feature walls done boldly and badly in the 90s… but I was a brush-wielding lackey on this new teenager’s room refresh and you know what, I like what she’s done.

In a room that isn’t huge, the colour change is subtle, she’s chosen the right wall to reinforce the bed as a focal point and it was done not because she wasn’t confident in her colour choice. The rest of the walls are white and with white floaty curtains and a white floor (when you can see it ), there is an ethereal quality to the room and, well, calm is good.

Making a single wall a highlight with paint or wallpaper can draw the eye to a room’s best features. If you are clear about what you aim to achieve and how this feature will help you do that, don’t be put off by nightmares of lounge rooms with a side wall in maroon!

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