Seatoun New Build

Coastal Sophistication
Open plan kitchen dining
custom work station
custom work station
woven lightshade
hallway storage
wood panelling
custom timber joinery
coat hooks
wooden coat hooks
hallway storage
custom joinery

Project Description

Seatoun New Build

Nestled on the east coast of Wellington, this unique and beautiful home artfully combines stylish sophistication with the practicalities of comfortable family living. 

The home achieves a warm, welcoming informality alongside the owners’ obvious sense of style and appreciation of quality. The charming personal details have been given a base layer of consistent materials, colours, design features and bespoke joinery. The artful timber detailing is a key feature of the home’s design, providing a subtle connection throughout, applied at different scales or in varying materials in the kitchen, lounge, bathrooms, entrance-way and exterior weatherboards.

Colourwise, soft seaside tones are strengthened with contrasts of indigo, china blue and hints of pink/red for added warmth. Patterns are introduced through fabrics, joinery detailing and accessories. The light grey wall colour is unadorned in places to avoid a feeling of clutter but otherwise generously accompanied with furnishing, art and personal touches.

Careful consideration has been given to maximise space with dual purpose joinery and storage that is either open or tucked away in drawers and cupboards. The open areas are a mix of easy to access, strategically located shelves and ledges intended for display.

This home demonstrates the value of the interior designer being involved early in the design process, taking the time to develop a clear vision upfront which was amended and discussed. This shared vision provided clarity in the decision-making process with elements or features, although beautiful but not in line with the vision, discarded (perhaps for a future project!). 

Client Says:

“Frances really put her heart into the work she did for us. She helped us create an interior that reflects us as a family. She was all about helping us work out what we liked rather than imposing her style on us. I think that’s her biggest strength actually. Frances was thoughtful, responsive and professional. Her relentless focus on detail resulted in a beautifully designed kitchen, en-suite and bathroom. She also worked with our contractor to make sure this was well executed.

I particularly like having one or two special design elements repeated throughout the house.”

Frances Says:

“I am so happy for this lovely family and very impressed with the home they have created. From the start there was an admiral balance across an appreciation of quality, an aspiration for well-crafted design with a modesty and desire for a very liveable, welcoming family home. They wanted things to be as good as they could be but not more that they needed to be. Their hard work, thorough decision making and commitment to clear values has paid off. It’s a home I love to visit and I know I’m not the only one!”

Seatoun New Build Partners:

Cavalier Bremworth



James Dunlop


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