Summer Series – Window Treatments

Summer Series – Window Treatments

Beginning the series we have a collection of incredible designs displaying the diversity of window treatments and how they can compliment a space and additionally provide the appropriate functions.

There are a variety of window treatments types including drapes, roller blinds, honeycomb blinds, shutters, vertical blinds and venetian blinds. Our proposals for our clients are influenced by practical and aesthetic considerations.



Our suppliers produce such a wide range of quality textiles for us to select from, here are some inspiring images of a fraction. 

Before we get to selecting the right fabric for a project, we have some practical considerations to work through.

This is what we learn before making a recommendation:


  • How much sunlight is there, when and where does it shine? 
  • Do we need to manage glare? (for example on TVs or computer monitors) 
  • Is there strong sunlight on surfaces? (sun deteriorates surfaces) 
  • For bedrooms do you like the daylight to wake you up or want a full dark room to sleep?
  • Do you want to see the view/outside when managing the light? This relates to the amount of translucency on different blinds or fabrics. Also, the darker the roller blind the easier it is to see outside.


  • Do we need to provide privacy for the room and at what time of the day? The same sheer window treatment will block people from outside seeing in during the day but as soon as its dark outside and light inside people can see in.
  • What part of the view needs to be blocked? (there are blinds that open from the top and bottom)


  • Windows are an interface between the outside and in — does the room get too hot or too cold from sun light or cold air from the outside? (Glazing and other insulation also effect this.)


Our previous post covered some practical considerations when deciding on your window treatments. Of course there are also the the look and feel side of design to think about too.

  • When choosing fabric pay attention to not only colour and pattern but also texture, fabric weight and drape (this is how it hangs).
  • For curtains the header type will strongly influence the overall effect (this is the type of pleat or gather at the top).
  • As well as headers there are options for tracks and rods — what they look like and how they are mounted… in a pelmet, ceiling mounted tracks, recessed tracks in a ceiling cove?
  • Do you want to draw attention to the inside or the outside view? Some curtains frame a view, others demand attention themselves.
  • Is there something quirky about the window frame or shape that you need to balance or hide? 

How we dress our windows is just ones of the ways we can influence how a room looks and functions.



Window Treatments

  1. Brussels Apartment by: @n_pogorielova
  2. by: Aura Shading
  3. by: @septemberedit
  4. by @axelvervoordt_co
  5. by: DECOuvrir, Photography by: @pippa_drummond
  6. by: @antoniocitterio_patriciaviel

Windows Treatments: Practical Considerations

  1. by: @we_love_fabric
  2. by: @we_love_fabric
  3. by: @we_love_fabric
  4. by: @threebirdsrenovations
  5. by: @heckerguthrie, Photography by: @shannonmcgrath7

Windows Treatments: Aesthetics

  1. Woburn Apartments by: @honourcreative, Photography by: @bonny.beattie
  2. Hataitai Villa by: @honourcreative, Photography by: @bonny.beattie
  3. Halswater Home by: @honourcreative, Photography by: @katemacphersonphotographer
  4. Hataitai Villa by: @honourcreative, Photography by: @bonny.beattie
  5. Waru Street by: @honourcreative