The Jackson Street Project

The Jackson Street Project heritage inspired contemporary colour palette.

The Hutt City Council backed makeover of four buildings on Jackson Street, Petone as a trial to show what can be achieved by “smartening up the facades, removing inappropriate features and rebuilding heritage features”.

The objective is to highlight the character of Jackson Street’s buildings and that requires being bold and courageous in colour choices. Our challenge was to develop a colour palette to inspire; to not restrict the building owners, but to create a range of colours that opens their eyes to options and facilitates sympathetic, interesting and tasteful colour-combinations that blend contemporary and traditional, whilst honouring the heritage architecture.

Reviving heritage colours through contemporary schemes brings character and celebration to a building’s traditional architectural features. These heritage inspired colours were carefully picked from the Resene colour range to find the perfect balance between proportion and tone against the exterior form of an historic building.

Heritage building colour schemes traditionally consist of four colours for the base, trim, roof and a highlight. Each colour gradient set has been chosen to allow a harmonious colour scheme from within a set or to mix and match across different sets.