Beyond Useful

This elegant storage solution provides a place for many things, serves multiple functions and, being custom designed to the space and for the people who own it, adds something brave and deeply personal to an apartment already rich with character.

This design provides a high level of functionality, is uncluttered whilst also being full of interesting details and delivers on the objectives of being bold, confident and artful.

To learn more about my clients’ inspirational brief and the design decisions that underly the result see parts 2 and 3 coming soon.

Existing from bedroom

BEFORE from master bedroom


AFTER from master bedroom


The unit utilises a wide corridor and recessed wall in the master bedroom to house laundry, utility items and provide ample wardrobe space.


Clothing of different lengths and types for his and her, storage specific to accessories and pull down hangers that maximise the height of storage unit were all accommodated in thorough planning.


Exquisite workmanship and carefully selected quality hardware mean that it opens, closes and slides smoothly – it is a pleasure to interact with.

M_IMG_5868 M_IMG_5872 M_IMG_5875 M_IMG_5929



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