Inspiring Simplicity & Honesty

As well as being brave, artful, carefully integrated into architecture and to not look too closet-like, the brief included a selection of images that held the recurring themes of Industrial and Japanese aesthetics.

Overlapping characteristics of these two themes are simple forms based on functionality and authentic, honest materials. Industrial adds a connection to urban living and exposed structure. Japanese contributes a refinement, fine details, contrast of dark and light, geometry in pattern, and with the use of screens, walls that are not walls.



Inspired by the shoji screen, a grid pattern is built into the face of the cupboards.


The clients’ intent to expose the bricks in the master bedroom provided contrast in texture and colour against the sleek black door panels.

Honour Creative web elevation

The grid pattern stops short of being full a grid to soften the overall impression


The grid lines align with all openings for drawers and cupboards without compromising the functional allocation of space.


Japanese aesthetic contributes a refinement and a contrast of dark and light.


Blessed details.


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