Elements of Good Design

A good relationship between designer and client is the most important ingredient in a successful design outcome. Find someone you trust, respect and communicate freely with. And if it is someone you can also have a bit of fun with along way, then all the better!

Here are some photos showing a few features we thought through as part of designing this highly resolved piece.


BE BRAVE The dark colour is strong but there is plenty of natural light from windows and skylights meaning the black mass does not darken the space, just adds impact.


THE PAINT FINISH Inspired by Japanese lacquer, a choice of satiny, medium gloss means light and reflection play on a surface already enhanced by the three-dimensional pattern.


COLOUR A pure black would have been harsh and would not appear as refined as this colour. We tested, tested and tested again until it had the strength of black with a subtle underlying warmth of brown.


PROPORTIONS A deeper than normal toe-kick gives the sense of elevation.

apartment interior design

PROPORTIONS Potential bulkiness is reduced by stopping the unit short of the ceiling.


DISSECTED BY A DOOR which, when it slips closed, provides contrast in materials to break the space and transforms the bedroom into a sanctuary from busy lives.

Appartment Interior design

DOOR A beech veneer sliding door disappears out of view when not in use and has no frame or jam to interfere with the visual flow when area is unified.


DETAILS. The handle pops out when required and flattens when the door retreats into the wall.


DISPLAY in beech ply is used to add interest and visually lighten the end of the unit which faces the apartments’s main thoroughfare



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