Eastbourne Green Bathroom

Contemporary and Family Friendly

Project Description

The objective for this family bathroom and laundry upgrade was to increase functionality and enhance the aesthetics whilst maintaining a classic feel throughout the home. Both spaces follow a modern approach in regards to attention to colour, layout, tiles and minimal fixtures and fittings.

Structurally separating the laundry and the bathroom to become two individual spaces was an essential requirement from the client, in doing so helped to visually tidy up the spaces and improve the flow of both areas.

There is now more storage, the space feels bigger, flows better and the contrast between the rich timber grain and green feature tiles makes for a very special family bathroom. The timber ledge is a feature which adds an extra layer of storage and utilises the length of the wall with both function and display. Crisp, refined edges are a feature and are softened by curves in the timber vanity unit.⠀

In the laundry there is plenty of bench space, a sweet little strip of green splash-back tile and floor tile for continuity with the bathroom next door and simple, closed away storage leaving the room uncluttered and orderly.

Ruth, Homeowner Says:

“When I first visited my Aunty June at Woburn Apartments, I was amazed how beautiful everything looked. I instantly liked the feel of the space. I asked who the designer was — that’s how I got in touch with Frances.

When we decided to renovate the first bathroom, I didn’t really know where to start. The endless options for fixtures, lighting and tiles were really overwhelming to me. I needed someone to make all those decisions and give me a comprehensive plan that I could take and implement independently. 

Right from the beginning I knew I could trust Frances, I had the feeling that whatever she came up with would be great. Frances understands family life and all the practical elements that need to be considered!

Honour Creative has done a phenomenal job on our second bathroom. Sometimes when I glance in, there might be a nod to the 1930s, a bit vintage with the bold green square tiles and then a moment later it feels really modern and clean. Both feelings being equally positive! Somehow they have managed to capture it all perfectly.

My favourite parts: the button lights either side of the  mirror and the recess in the wall at the end of the bath. 

Renovations are a big investment. In my opinion, it was worth consulting a professional to make sure the money is well spent for a quality result.

Both bathrooms really reflect our family and complement the style and age of our house.”

Frances Says:

The Eastbourne Green Bathroom was a fun project that carried on our work on the previous ‘blue bathroom‘. Our client was not afraid to embrace colour which meant we could use the striking green tiles.


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photography by Bonny Beattie

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