Hataitai Villa

Project Description

We helped this client with window treatments and a rug as finishing touches to their stunning villa. The lounge drapes were beautifully tall with a soft lining and linen look medium weight fabric. The drapes were interlined (an additional thin blanket layer, sometimes called bumf) to give them additional thickness so they looked substantial and provided more insulation.The rug helps anchor the sofa seating area as the room is large and has multiple points of entry. The green is rich and adds to an otherwise largely neutral colour scheme, without being over-powering.

The master bedroom is street facing so the window treatment needed to offer privacy without blocking out light. By separating the front sheer fabric from back soft draping, blackout lining, the curtains can be closed and the room still filled with soft light.

In both lounge and bedroom the high ceilings were emphasised with high tracks, elegant, understand rods and long subtly textured drapes.

These clients have impeccable taste and their whole house is light and beautiful. It was a treat to offer some additional elements to finish off these spaces. They are now on the move and we are helping with their next home—always the best testimonial!


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