Eastbourne Blue Bathroom

Bold Floor Tiles

Project Description

This family home needed refreshed bathrooms along with some colour advice for the capable DIY owner to implement. The first bathroom is a fresh take on a traditional look, with blue and white tiles in a light and open feeling second shower room.

This is a very spacious feeling room with a large walk in shower, a freestanding basin and storage cleverly hidden in a recessed mirror cabinet with a niche cut-out below.

The revival of this bathroom came to be through a combination of planning done by architect Liz Wallace whilst Honour Creative worked on the materials, colours, products and lighting. ⠀

Ruth Homeowner Says:

“When I first visited my Aunty June at Woburn Apartments, I was amazed how beautiful everything looked. I instantly liked the feel of the space. I asked who the designer was — that’s how I got in touch with Frances.

When we decided to renovate the first bathroom, I didn’t really know where to start. The endless options for fixtures, lighting and tiles were really overwhelming to me. I needed someone to make all those decisions and give me a comprehensive plan that I could take and implement independently. 

Right from the beginning I knew I could trust Frances, I had the feeling that whatever she came up with would be great. Frances understands family life and all the practical elements that need to be considered!

Renovations are a big investment. In my opinion, it was worth consulting a professional to make sure the money is well spent for a quality result.

Both bathrooms really reflect our family and complement the style and age of our house.”

Frances Says:

The bold floor tile is the hero in the Eastbourne Blue Bathroom and is at its best in this large, uncluttered space that is bathed in natural light. It must be a lovely place to shower! Our client loves colour as much as we do and it was a treat to have this opportunity and also to work on the family ‘green bathroom‘.





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Liz Wallace

photography by Bonny Beattie


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