Miramar Kitchen Makeover

Project Description

As with any meaningful transformation, this one started with thoughtful consideration of space planning. This previously busy space now feels relaxing and spacious whilst also adding a laundry, having more kitchen storage AND accommodating uncluttered display features.

It’s a great example of the power of a good layout and bringing in the light. The former kitchen and dining room lacked spatial flow and didn’t utilise the space as efficiently as it could. We removed the fireplace, reconfigured the room layout, added a laundry, tweaked existing windows to allow for a more open and accessible kitchen design and brought more natural light into the space through skylights.

The display shelves on the cabinetry corners facing the table create a comfortable feeling for dining, enhanced by the low feature pendant over the inviting round table.  

The overall palette aimed to be refreshing and a balance of pretty and smart. Some of the key features:

  • ‘Contemporary character’ achieved through matte surfaces and clean lines.
  • Precise, elegant and simple cabinetry. 
  • Colours and materials that balance fresh light walls bathed in natural light with cool and warm in balance.
  • Cool tones from the subtle grey coloured cabinetry with a hint of blue and detail in the marble splashback tiles
  • Light, warm timber tones used on floor, furniture and joinery details.
Home Owners Say:
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the fine ladies of Honour Creative on our kitchen renovation and they have far exceeded our expectations. They really have transformed this ugly duckling into something quite divine and there have been many tears of joy shed in appreciation!
They have created a space for us that has been so thoughtfully and beautifully designed we truely couldn’t have wished for a more impressive transformation that will proudly stand the test of time.
We’ve had such great fun working with the ladies –  you can see the immense pride they have in their work and they revel in the joy created when their designs are realised and come to life.  It really has been such a privilege and we count ourselves very lucky to have paired so easily with such a talented group of designers.
Frances Says:

Dervela and Stu have been an utter pleasure to work with. The need to upgrade their living space was very much needed and also well deserved after patiently navigating a lengthy build phase. It was weekend work for the builder, alongside lockdowns and Covid effected trade and supply delays. The outcome of the space shows how careful planning and management, perseverance and good communication between client and designer achieve happy results. 

Dervela has a defined sense of style and design-taste, which gave us the opportunity to hinge on the aesthetics of the space just as much as the functionality. The kitchen is a special space for Dervela and family to now be in, and is a true fit to her character and charm. 

Supplier Partners:






Tile Space


Prestige Joinery Limited 





Element Roofing


James Dunlop 

Russells Curtains and Blinds

Flooring Xtra


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